About GHA Group


GHA Group is in its 48th year of operation, having been founded in 1976. When you consider that at the time the PC was still some years away and that the VHS recorder (remember VHS?) was yet to be invented, you will understand that we were working with very different technology. Few of our original competitors from the seventies still remain. GHA is still here because we have adapted to changing times and unimaginable changes in technology. We have always been able and keen to adopt new ideas and to be pioneers in emerging technology and new markets; our activities in what we term Special Projects bear witness to our ability to excite clients with new ideas. GHA is based just south of the river in Battersea, which allows our Hire and Event operations remarkably speedy access to most locations in central London, and close to the burgeoning redevelopment works in the area which invigorates our Installations and Systems team.